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Boys Are Different from Girls ….

March 13, 2009

mountainWhile driving to town one day, my daughter who was 6 at the time proceeded to tell me all about how she knows about how girls are different from boys.

“How so?” I curiously enquired, wondering what the playground conversations and activities had been that lunchtime.

“Well,” she says “it’s all about how they drive”. With some relief, I nod in agreement and ask for more details. “It’s quite obvious really – boys drive (more…)


Women’s Institute of Technology ….

March 4, 2009

azalea-flowersI was standing in the queue for the café the other day and I looked at all the people.  Women outnumbered men at about 3 to 1.   I was sitting at a meeting the other day and women outnumbered men at about 10 to 1.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not necessarily a criticism but it is an interesting phenomenon. Where have all the men gone?


We all know that supposedly girls thrive in the NCEA (National Certificate in Educational Achievement) environment where they are rewarded for persistent effort.  Where as boys classically thrive in the competitive environments of exams and last minute cramming.  So, are (more…)