All I want for Christmas ….

The twilight saga has crystallised something for me. Who would have thought that a story about an immortal being who unconditionally loves a flawed and very normal young girl would become so popular? And that popularity is not limited to teenagers, but to older folks as well (“twilight mums”). The story lines over the saga are a mix of Pride and Prejudice (Edward is the new Mr Darcy), Romeo and Juliet (New Moon), bits of Wuthering Heights – not original concepts, but storylines that endure. Yet, I remember feeling like Bella, knowing that somehow, impossibly, an immortal being loved me, no matter what.

My mystical enduring creature who loved me unconditionally used to bring me presents. Wonderful presents, once a year, no matter what the weather. Well, not completely unconditionally, I had to be good. I remember the intense excitement when waiting for Father Christmas (Santa Claus) – and the intense sense of magic when he delivered. He didn’t have to. He must have huge obstacles to get through to get that all done in a day, yet every year he did. It didn’t really matter what the presents were – just that he made it, that he had thought of me, that he somehow knew what I wanted or needed, and that he made the effort. He never let me down.

It‘s not about the presents – it is about unconditional love. No matter what your beliefs are about Christmas, I think it is important to give the message of love. Not that love means presents, not that love means that you have to endure all things irrespective of wrong doings or bad behaviour (sense of being “good’) but that love means that someone else in the universe knows you, and occasionally, they think only of you. Not that you have to be loved by an immortal being to feel valued, but for some of course, that is the true meaning of Christmas (Jesus is the immortal being people, not Edward!).

Enjoy your holiday and make sure you spend some time with or thinking about those people in your life that you love, or that you love you, unconditionally. See you next year.


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