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Waiting for the Universe …

August 4, 2009

bikesSometimes things just seem so unfair. When my little daughters used to compete in Irish River-dancing, I can remember one particular occasion where middle daughter gave it her all. She wasn’t being favoured by the judge in this competition but she took it on the chin, and didn’t give up.

She changed her hair style, altered her costume, and as a final resort, re-choreographed her whole dance to the hardest, most complicated hard-sole steps she could muster. She worked in all sorts of flurrys and arm movements, head movements and pointed her little toes as hard as she (more…)


Boys Are Different from Girls ….

March 13, 2009

mountainWhile driving to town one day, my daughter who was 6 at the time proceeded to tell me all about how she knows about how girls are different from boys.

“How so?” I curiously enquired, wondering what the playground conversations and activities had been that lunchtime.

“Well,” she says “it’s all about how they drive”. With some relief, I nod in agreement and ask for more details. “It’s quite obvious really – boys drive (more…)

Great Expectations

February 10, 2009

fine-artMoving on from coffee now, but sticking to weight problems, I have another story for you. Some time after my third child was born, I decided to try and engage some professional help to eliminate some excess baggage.

My ‘baby bump’ that had remained was so convincing that I was getting tired of gently informing people that it was not “due anytime now” as it was in fact, fat. It got so that as soon as I would see people looking at my middle area with a cutesy smile on their face I would fire off a quick “Not pregnant, just fat” remark and move on quickly while they tried to recover from their embarrassment. (more…)

Just Eat Your Veges!

February 2, 2009

copy-of-dsc000921Teaching is just like cooking a family meal.  Maybe I have a very fussy family, but no meal time in my house makes everyone happy. 


Eldest daughter has gone all ‘gourmet’ and likes her food to be grand sounding and preferentially French. She doesn’t want her potatoes to just have cheese on them; she wants them to be “au-gratin”.  Middle daughter prefers hers mashed up, preferably with tomato sauce, and the little one just wants her food – yellow. Now, I didn’t always know that she preferred her food to reflect only certain light frequencies, but I am a scientist after all and after years of analyzing patterns, that is the only hypothesis I can come up with, and the only one I accept as a (more…)