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Lost in Translation …

February 8, 2009

dscf0306Keeping to the coffee theme of my last blog I want to tell you what happened to me in Auckland.  I was walking down Queen Street with my husband looking for somewhere to stop for a coffee when we saw Starbucks.   Recognising it as somewhere you can get said beverage, we popped on in. 


Everybody in the café appeared to us to be of Asian descent.  The staff, the clientele, even the cleaner.  Now, my husband is half Hungarian and the hairdresser often comments on how ‘asian’ his hair is (Hungary was overtaken by Attila the Hun at some stage in its history), so we blended right in.   We stepped forward and ordered “Two flat whites” and then stood to the side to wait for them, looking very inconspicuous.  We idly discussed what else we could do on our (more…)


Just Eat Your Veges!

February 2, 2009

copy-of-dsc000921Teaching is just like cooking a family meal.  Maybe I have a very fussy family, but no meal time in my house makes everyone happy. 


Eldest daughter has gone all ‘gourmet’ and likes her food to be grand sounding and preferentially French. She doesn’t want her potatoes to just have cheese on them; she wants them to be “au-gratin”.  Middle daughter prefers hers mashed up, preferably with tomato sauce, and the little one just wants her food – yellow. Now, I didn’t always know that she preferred her food to reflect only certain light frequencies, but I am a scientist after all and after years of analyzing patterns, that is the only hypothesis I can come up with, and the only one I accept as a (more…)