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What is in your professional toolbox?

April 17, 2011

Early education research tried to be like a science – it tried to use controls in its design methodology and tried to find quantifiable laws for us to work by. The early critics of this approach suggested that this was not addressing the individuality of the learner and the laws probably could not apply to all people.

Of course, those of us in education know that learning can be complicated. That is why most teacher training courses include multiple techniques and (more…)


Education – is it mature enough?

November 10, 2010

When it comes to some topics such as climate change, health and education, the layman is often left to consider if the experts agree on anything. Of course they do, but some areas of knowledge are not exact sciences, and will continue to attract controversy.

The physical sciences of physics, chemistry and engineering all are based on reproducible evidence which creates an element of trustworthiness. The evidence has to be convincing. Some evidence is so convincing science refers to the equations that represent them as laws. It is (more…)

It’s Out of the Bag.

January 24, 2010

I was working in a supermarket as a checkout operator and packer in the mid eighties and I used to faithfully pack up our customer’s groceries in brown paper bags. They had a nice square bottom and placing items into the bag was easy. The mouth of the bag was always open, the sides stood up straight, and they were strong. If you were worried that it wasn’t strong enough, you could always ‘double bag’. Even better, you could always use a box and supermarkets always had lots of boxes.


False Prophets

July 21, 2009

prophetThe world is full of false prophets.  Not those religious types that predict the world’s end, but those that have lots to say about all manner of other things. People have access now to so much information – information that was once locked in books or only a few had access to. To find out about something, you only have to “google it”.

 One of the tell-tale signs of a false prophet is the inability to tell facts from theory.  Of course as a reader, you may not know the difference yourself so (more…)

Cultural Perspectives

July 21, 2009

kidsWhen you belong to a particular culture there tends to be certain attributes that you value and want to preserve. These usually include language, ways-of-knowing, particular ways of communicating and common values. You are usually more at ease with people who are within your culture and with whom you share these common values.

I want to tell you what it is like to belong to a culture that appears to be foreign to many. My language is carelessly mispronounced; meanings are distorted sometimes to the point of complete inaccuracy or misrepresentation. Often, you find these inaccuracies perpetuated in (more…)