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Making us think.

October 5, 2011

Adults can be tricky. They lead busy lives, they have many responsibilities and distractions. They often have preconceived and firmly held ideas and many of their likes and dislikes are already set. I am no different.

You put me in a learning situation and I have high expectations. If I am highly motivated in the subject matter I get frustrated (more…)


What is in your professional toolbox?

April 17, 2011

Early education research tried to be like a science – it tried to use controls in its design methodology and tried to find quantifiable laws for us to work by. The early critics of this approach suggested that this was not addressing the individuality of the learner and the laws probably could not apply to all people.

Of course, those of us in education know that learning can be complicated. That is why most teacher training courses include multiple techniques and (more…)